"Dedicated to the brave and dauntless psychonauts of mankind, who dared to go beyond their own fear and explore the aweinspiring inner space of the psyche"


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Georg Stolpe: Prayer, vocal, shaman drums and rattle
Jacob Rose Moth: Electric & Acc. guitar, coral zitar, pedaboard, vocal, shamab drums, pecussion, guitar sound effects
Asger Johannes Steenholdt: Oedalboard, electric and fretless bass
Anders Peersen: Shaman drumset (left channel), percussion, eartenware jar, qarqaba
Thomas Duus: Shaman drumset (right channel), qarqaba
Ida Nielsen: Vocal
Mikkel Futrup: Violin
Henrik Dam Thomsen: Cello
Frank Juhl: Tablas
Hui, Sandie, Birgit Ebdrup, Vicki, Jørgen Lumbye og
Torben Gudmundsson